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React Native - Valuable Reasons For Choosing It…

TechnoStrap Digital
06 May 2021 | 12:39:50 PM
React Native - Valuable Reasons For Choosing It…
React Native integrates the best representation of native development with React, a best-in-class JavaScript library for enhancing user interfaces.

React Native - Valuable Reasons For Choosing It…


“The breach between the mobile app development and web application is accomplished by

React Native which is a massive framework. You will start to build a whole app by simple to follow instructions and also enhance efficiency and permit to use again the code. The aim of it is to read a single time by React method and write anyplace.”


The history of React Native is very attractive. In 2013, Facebook initiated an internal hackathon project to build native UI elements via javascript. After that React Native comes into the picture by Facebook has become one of the most famous frameworks and become an open-source tool. The first time people recognize the reactive native in Jan. 2015 at REACT.js Con. After that it appeared in F8 Con. they announced that React Native became open source and available on GitHub.

What is the React Native?

To realize web applications, React native was initially utilized to create user interfaces. Since React Native has evolved and now it can be utilized to make mobile applications and server-side.React Native is made with ReactJS which has provided major competition for its long-term choices, AngularJS.React native runs their millions of users, Facebook groups along with Airbnb, Bloomberg, Tesla, Facebook Ads Manager, Instagram, Ticketmaster, Amazon, Microsoft, and some other companies utilizing react native in production or investing in. React native gives benefit like mobile application framework, from this advantage application renders native component speed and performance APIs directly are much better than hybrid framework like Cordova and ionic. You can provide a User interface for both Android platforms and iOS.  For further reading.

Significance of React Native


  • React native allows web developers to build robust mobile applications with modern JavaScript knowledge. 

  • User Interface for both iOS and Android platforms can be rendered by React Native Framework.

  • To create both Android and iOS, React Native components have the right to reuse the component.

  • Since React Native is an open-source framework, so could be well-matched with extra platforms such as tvOS or Windows in upcoming years.

  • The Development of React Native is quite fairly efficient, straightforward, and fast. 

  • UI of React Native is highly dedicated to loading rapidly and gives a smoother experience. 

  • Since React Native is based on JavaScript so developers have no necessity to learn iOS’s Swift or Android-specific Java.

Reasons behind choosing React Native

  1. Provide cross-platform for app development

  • Any kind of business application can be designed within some time

  • No need to learn languages such as C++, JAVA, Swift,or any other. You just need a JavaScript developer that is a thorough knowledge of hybrid mobile app development, native UI library, and APIs.

  • React Native is a single platform at which you can establish the mobile application that means regular user feel across several platforms. 

  • It is required to learn native programming languages particularly when you incorporate native SDKs for iOS/ Android. But there is no React Native SDK existing or certain particular native attributes are not there with React Native.

  • Without using any additional changes, it provides the same performance outcome to utilize the alike code for making both iOS and Android applications.


  1. Provides access to the Native API

  • The existing code is fundamentally integrated by React Native. Using simple code, the complex application can be built by developers since it is friendly with Native software. 

  • With native development artifacts its components like one to one, and the outcome is the application seeing identical from a native application.

  • Developers can reproduce the feel and appearance of the user interface by means of React Native.

  • React Nativepermits the user interface to grant faster responses and makes the development method easier. 

  • Without any complexity, it fulfills your business purpose.


  1. Simple to Debugging

  • Since it has a single codebase for both iOS and Android application gives the big  benefit  to detect bugs is very easier

  • It is required only a one-time update to reuse code for both platforms.

  • The other advantage of it, there is no need to spend countless hours seeing at two different codebases

  • At once, one bug x gets rid of the bugs in all the dissimilar operating systems.


  1. Facebook support React Native

  • To resolve our problems, Facebook continually brings up to date the framework with different new ways and new features.

  • More developers are being accepted by React Native due to ease of usage of the language, together with cross-platform adaptability.

  • React Native’s GitHub repository, closely 2000 developers have dedicated above 16000 plusmore in 72 branches, with a massive 300 more releases.

  • Facebook usages more than 750 screens by itself.For general-purpose developers can be made application with the least support from mobile app experts

  • React Native is previously implemented by different companies like Pinterest, Uber, Bloomberg, Skype, Tesla, etc. 


  1. No need to go App stores for update Apps 

  • Once the app is available on the App Store, you experience that you wanted to pinch a minor feature.

  • For the native app, it is required that the addition of any new features lead to repeat the build process and also upload the new versions of the app.

  • During the running period automatically it starts updating with the App Center cloud service, and no need to reinstall the app.


  1.  It Simulates like a native app

  • Native platforms are needed to compile or run the app.

  • While utilizing the hybrid mobile application development, Web-View system components can be ignored.

  • React Native functions are relatively more accurate and react immediately to all conjunctions.

  • The basic units of React Native are disclosed to help all needs for mobile devices. Normally, native processors are CPUs(central processing units), but in the case of React Native it selects to move with a graphics processing unit (GPU) to create its UI simply attached. 


  1. Work by a tough budget

  • React Native appsare very fast than Android and iOS apps.

  • Time-saving, as well as money-saving, is another advantage of React Native.

  • Developers are agreed to cross-platform options such as Xamarin and Cordova that provide the best experience rather than any other platform.


  1. Memory utilize by React Native is less comparatively

  • Less memory is used by it and compatible with other party plugins

  • Native tools give smoother run time

  • The attractive framework, with its different modules, third party participation is made much easier in absence of WebView and can simply join the module to the plugin through the native module.

  • Since this phase is straight connected with app product features that permit a quicker answer.

  • iOS and Android platforms use lesser memory therefore cross-bridge linking is not essential for React Native.


  1. Codebase for both platform android and iSO model things much easier 

  • The identical code for both platform OS is used from groundwork- level programming. It seems like positioning the same app for all kind of mobile OS (operating system).

  • It is very easy to recompile the app without any changes in the framework. 


  1. Apps can be developed very fast

  • The bug can be easily found in React Native due to a single code that means an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) can be built faster than ever before.

  • It gives ease to introduce the first version of the app with basic minimum functionality and save everything else for future development

  • No need to create detailed interfaces by resources, it is a waste of time, just go what extra features are essential to create them.

  • By utilizing a shared layer for bothAndroid andiOS, you can develop React Native apps a minimumof 30% faster.

  •  Without any changes in the framework recompiling the app is very easy.


 Now we conclude, React Native gives a different kind of function to the developers, now they can execute for example error control at runtime and promptly get their outcomes on the running application. We can compare it with a native development app in which developers need to stop the entire system. Now you know that to build an all-time all-purpose mobile app, come to React Native that is user-friendly and know where to turn.Memory storage is the major problem that is overcome by React Native.

The top ten reasons are enough to build your app in React Native so build your next app in React Native. For further queries about React Native, put your query in the comment box.

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